Thursday, November 29, 2007

The US of A...

We spent all last week in the US - Peyton made his first trip across the border and had his first really long car ride. He did pretty well considering. He also got to experience some american thanksgiving shopping, which he had mixed feelings about ; )> We had a great time and were proud to show off our son to all of Dale's family.

The car ride. I really wanted a picture outside in the mountains but it was too cold - so the car worked fine.
Peyton seemed to remember his Grandma Stokes and was smitten ; )Uncle Darrell - I can predict some future football rivalry ; )
Grandma and Grandpa Stokes... (and the BonJovi hairdo of course)...Peyton was in love with his great aunt eunice - he's such a ladies man!
And of course a picture with his great grandpa hammerly (I should have gotten one with all the boys to show all the generations, next time I guess!)...
And he's certainly loved by his great grandma hammerly too!
And another picture with his grandpa hammerly - there's just so many people who love him!
thanks everyone for all your hospitality - can't wait to see you all again ; )>