Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Maybe it's first word will be football...

It's certainly no secret that Dale loves football and he's quite the athlete at it too. The baby is already familiar with football talk...and I'm sure will be a natural at it, girl or boy.

We've been playing flag football for the last couple years. This year I was the number one fan of course, but here's a picture of the team this spring season. Summer season starts up next week I think...Go Red Go!

Red Zone Rush - June 2007

PS... I read that women are 14% more likely to deliver on a Tuesday, so maybe today's the day. I'm running out of things to do ; )>

Monday, June 25, 2007

ETA is Today!

I hope this page works ; ) My first attempt at blogging. Enjoy!

Well, it's supposed to be baby time, but nothing yet. Here's some pictures of the progress over the last 40 weeks (yep, that's right - it's been that long).

February (5 months-ish)

March (6 months!)

May (8 months)

Last week (June 19 @ 39 weeks!)