Thursday, November 29, 2007

The US of A...

We spent all last week in the US - Peyton made his first trip across the border and had his first really long car ride. He did pretty well considering. He also got to experience some american thanksgiving shopping, which he had mixed feelings about ; )> We had a great time and were proud to show off our son to all of Dale's family.

The car ride. I really wanted a picture outside in the mountains but it was too cold - so the car worked fine.
Peyton seemed to remember his Grandma Stokes and was smitten ; )Uncle Darrell - I can predict some future football rivalry ; )
Grandma and Grandpa Stokes... (and the BonJovi hairdo of course)...Peyton was in love with his great aunt eunice - he's such a ladies man!
And of course a picture with his great grandpa hammerly (I should have gotten one with all the boys to show all the generations, next time I guess!)...
And he's certainly loved by his great grandma hammerly too!
And another picture with his grandpa hammerly - there's just so many people who love him!
thanks everyone for all your hospitality - can't wait to see you all again ; )>


November has gone by so fast. Petyon is 5 months old today! He's rolling over (well once, but it still counts), making tons of noise, grabbing and eating everything very successfully, and getting cuter every minute. Dale and I are still in awe of him and this parenthood thing ; ) Here's some pics from this month.
He's recently discovered his feet...
The jolly jumper is a favorite - it's so cute to see him go crazy bouncing and giggling...
Still loves his baths - we slicked his hair back this time.
When it's dry he's starting to look like Jon Bon Jovi ; )
Learning to drive!
His first christmas tree ; )

Thursday, November 1, 2007

As of late...

Here's some recent pictures. We are all doing great!

Hanging out with cousin Grace - it was so hard to get a picture of the two of them ; )
Lots of trips in the car seat - looking super cool in his hoodie.
Hanging out a Mom and Dads. Dale got a ride in Phil's helicopter that day - I was too chicken ; )
Peyton's first Halloween!
He got this cute little sailor suit from his Aunty Rose - Dale wore his real getup to work, so we had to get a matching picture. Both my men in handsome!